Technical schemes

The modules in the catalog offer the solution to every problem and include all the elements necessary for a correct installation in compliance with the rules in full tranquility of the installer.

For special needs, the production flexibility of CANNA srl takes over, through which elements are made according to the customer’s design, suggesting the evolution of the product itself.

In the various dimensions and technical-constructive features, the elements produced are ideal for use in:

  • Depressure / Pressure, dry and wet smoke evacuation systems
  • From important thermal power stations to single generators Type B and C, with gaseous, liquid and solid feed
  • Collective plants UNI 10641 CC / CCS for Type C generators and UNI 10640 CCR for Type B generators
  • Fireplaces and ovens flue systems
  • Insulated chimney crossings for wooden roofs
  • Industrial applications for ovens, generators and chemical plants
  • Ventilation and air treatment systems for public and industrial structures
  • Suction for professional kitchens and laboratories
Consult the technical office for any design and sizing indications.