Suction hoods & activated carbon fans

To offer a complete service to its customers in the kitchen suction field, CANNA srl has activated an autonomous and complete line of production of hoods for professional kitchens, in synergy with the lines dedicated to metal chimney products – ducts and box ventilators. Each component is designed and manufactured internally by the company offering the possibility of optimizing the results and needs of the customer, as well as the effective suction characteristics of the system seen in its entirety. The TECHNICAL OFFICE remains at your disposal for a direct relationship with the designer and the installer, necessary for the construction of a complete suction system with guaranteed functionality ; for which a correct global planning is essential (aeraulic ducts, box ventilators and hoods).

Construction features:

  • Austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 with scotch – brite satin finish – thickness 8/10
  • Electric spot welding and re-bound
  • Suction plenum and filters along the entire hood length
  • Perimeter edge and condensate collection valve
  • Removable and washable labyrinth filters (optional mesh)
  • Eyebolts and support flanges
  • Heat resistant watertight lamps on request
  • Built-in fan on request

Technical advice:

  • The hoods must be positioned at a height from the ground between 1900 – 2000 mm.
  • The dimensions of the hood must be at least 300 mm on each side with respect to the hob and in any case 0.4 times the hood-hob distance.
  • The type of ventilators and the flow rates indicated are subject to variations in relation to the effective pressure and flow characteristics necessary for the system and the type of hob in the room; we also recommend a number of air changes in the kitchen between 30 and 50, and if higher, an air intake equal to 80% of the extracted volume is required: (P = T / (0.29 x DT) with P air flow rate from enter, T thermal capacity in kcal / h and DT difference in external / internal air temperature).
  • CANNA srl recommends the use of box ventilators designed and built according to the latest “Machine Directives” and annexes with safety net and safety micro.

The compensating flow hoods

are designed by CANNA srl to improve the functionality of the suction systems by increasing their filtering capacity and eliminating energy losses.

The system sucks air from the outside for about 80% and intakes it inside the hood and / or into the room by imparting air circulation such as to increase the filtering efficiency since the vapors are further cooled increasing the condensation effect.

This type of execution allows the elimination of peripheral air currents and leaks of treated air (cooled or heated) to the outside through the hood with consequent energy savings and a more hygronomic comfortable working condition for operators.

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Download the leaflet

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