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Metal chimneys by culture .....Quality Flues

The evacuation of flue gases is a serious problem that should not be underestimated if one is concerned with:

  • duration over time
  • security and functionality
  • of the draft and therefore of the related consumption, economic and environmental yield of the plant

With this awareness is born the company CANNA srlthat, thanks to the proposed stainless steel chimney technology, offers the right solution in the construction of your flue system, with the guarantee of correct operation and the necessary safety for the enslaved structures and for those who they live there.

The intention of our owner, Ing. Morelli L., author of the thesis “Technical aspects of the product Metal Chimneys”, has always been to offer the market an effective, technical, even before commercial, response,suggesting the need for an approach professional, starting from the design of the various products, which therefore associated with an intrinsic quality and proposed by technically prepared figures,reassure the designer, the installer and the user from any inconvenience as they are designed and tested, safe and valid products.

CANNA srl  Technical Office collaborate with the designer since the first steps in order to reach the best integration transforming the “intrusion” into an element of aesthetic improvement.

CANNA srl engineering for metal chimneys

Let’s consider the facts:

Driven by the determination to respect every commitment made, ensuring a punctual service, supported by 30 years of experience in the metalworking sector and the most advanced technology, Canna srl is the company capable of offering you the solution to every request with dynamism and flexibility.

  • 6000 sqm of production
  • N ° 3 Warehouses Ready for Delivery
  • Leader technology
  • Insured Products – CE Certificates

Quality warranty:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
  • FPC TUV Factory Control Process
  • elated CE marking…
    also in class H1 (5000 Pa against 200 Pa in P1)

accredited by the prestigious and strict TUV of Munchen, they testify to the effective working philosophy of Canna srl, where the product is always designed and manufactured with professionalism and attention.