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On demand

Serial production is designed and manufactured to meet almost all needs in compliance with current regulations, guaranteeing total Quality and Functionality of the result.

CANNA srl has always had a particular flexibility in following customer and market needs, developing an accentuated and efficient competence in resolving various requests, through the Technical Office, always at the complete disposal of the customer with Flexibility and 360° Know-how , present at the construction site, and with particular attention to DESIGN.

Realization “on demand” of metal connecting flue pipes between generator and metal chimney and fireplace-oven.

Misalignment and height measurement: The TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT is always disposal for the dimensional technical measurements, necessary for the design of the features of the special pieces, to be then transmitted to production.

Production and Certification: all elements, even made on demand, are made with the same quality and functionality as the CE CERTIFIED standard series, carrying out all technical, testing and regulatory compatibility tests.

Pre-Assembly and Executive Design: The various components are dimensionally verified in a Pre-Assembly phase inside the company workshop before each delivery, then numbered in an executive installation drawing through which the final installer can operate quickly and easily , without inconveniences; all produced and verified “to measure”.

You thus have the guarantee of superior safety given by specific measuring elements, butproduced with the same CE quality that has always distinguished CANNA srl products, obviating improvised alternative solutions, expensive in assembly times and costs and of limited duration.

ATTENTION:the connection of the fireplace, stove or oven to the metal chimney is often neglected, using technically questionable solutions such as flexible ducts, telescopic modules etc .; it is advisable to contact the Technical Office to evaluate the construction with rigid elements of the MP series that can be specifically made to measure, much more resistant to condensation and high temperatures, especially affecting the connection area

Chimneys on drawing and designed exhalation systems

Study and realization for the insertion in fireplaces, flues or air treatment systems where the need for a particular aesthetic is a fundamental requirement, which CANNA srl satisfies by combining Technical Functionality & Design.

In realizing the most diverse and specific needs, the data collected, directly with construction site advice where necessary, are processed with CAD assisted design, starting the study and construction phase of the special elements necessary for the solution of the request, withcareful analysis , of functionality and feasibility, and also of Design, when the context of introduction suggests it.

In the most demanding situations, an executive drawing is also elaborated where each single element remains numbered, and verified with meticulous attention to detail, which anticipates any installation problems by solving them before delivery, through a pre-assembly phase within the company; this ensures a quick and safe guided installation.

Example of design and construction on specific request (need to completely eliminate the supporting trellis from view).

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