Rectangular ducts

An integrated system, managed by dedicated professional programs, allows the automatic production of rectangular section ducts of any size and all the related special pieces, insulated and not; galvanized, stainless steel, copper ..

The reinforcement ribs and the Pittsburgh type longitudinal closure seam are performed directly in line, guaranteeing high quality standards and with the possibility of executing the bayonet jointing system directly on the duct, reducing pressure drops, air leaks and external maximum dimensions.

Flange system:suitable for systems where the strength of the duct is fundamental; it also allows the quick and simple adaptation of special pieces in length during the installation phase.

The flange is connected to the duct by clinching with cold deformation, avoiding the electric welding spot welding, which causes the subsequent oxidation of the same points, missing in the clinching.

Bayonet system: an effective and economic alternative, it allows aesthetically linear joints and reduced dimensions for “flush ceiling” installations in the presence of limited false ceilings.

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