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By purchasing the CANNA srl product you will receive an attached sheet, it is the Declaration of Conformity, through which the Manufacturer certifies the performance characteristics of the metal chimney components in relation to the standards:

  • UNI EN 1856 -1 for the Metal Chimney System
  • UNI EN 1856-2 for Metal flue liners and connecting flue pipes

The same declaration attests the CE MARKING of the product and the related FPC, Factory Process Control, both issued by the German notified body TUV Industrie Service GmbH TUV SUD Gruppe, making production compliant with the marking procedure identified by the system2+.

In the declaration of conformity you will find as required by norm:

  • Product designation
  • Construction features (material and insulating quality)
  • Mechanical characteristics (compressive strength, traction and wind action)
  • Direction of smoke flow
  • Fluid dynamic resistance
  • Thermal resistance, soot fire and minimum distance from combustible materials
  • Resistance to frost and rainwater penetration
  • Resistance to the diffusion of water vapor

Each product is also individually marked by the above label which bears the following information:

  • Product designation and relative number of the certificate issued
  • Product identification
  • Production batch number
  • Reference standard
  • CE mark and Notified Body Certification Code
  • Manufacturer name
  • Flue gas direction
  • Instructions for installing, checking and maintaining the product
Laboratorio Istituto Giordano: test ciclico termico e di tenuta.
Laboratorio interno Canna srl: test di verifica della resistenza termica.
How to read the designation:

A / Product description

B / Reference standard number

C / Temperature class
(temperature at which the product guarantees its operational safety)

D / Pressure class: N1 negative (40 Pa), P1 positive (200 Pa), H1 positive (5000 Pa, maximum pressure class)
(depression N1 / pressure P1, internal H1 to which the product respects the gas tightness required by the standard and declared by the manufacturer)

E / Resistance to condensation Wet-wet, Dry – dry
(the resistance to condensation ensures the functioning of the product in presence of this inside and without)

F /Corrosion resistance Vm / V2
( Vm: defined on the basis of the type and thickness of the material used and declared by the manufacturer;
V2: certified with laboratory tests for use with solid liquid and gaseous fuels )

G / Material quality (50 = 316 LBA, 050 = thickness 0.50 mm)

H / Fire resistance and distance (mm) from combustible materials, G = Yes O = No
(G = YES: in the soot fire test, which can occur in the chimney installed due to poor maintenance, the product has passed the test, called thermal shock, at a temperature of 1000 ° C for 30 minutes, during which the maximum temperature of combustible materials placed at a distance declared (-) by the manufacturer must not exceed 100 ° C)

For each complete Chimney System you will also receive an identification label summarizing its characteristics (in accordance with EN 1443) to be affixed to the base of the installed chimney, so that it can be correctly used for future different applications.

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