Fans, recuperators and air handling units

airBOXER (a CANNA srl brand) is the series of ventilators and CTA Air Treatment Centers of CANNA srl, which is committed to meeting every need related to the extraction / intake, filtration, heating or cooling of air in both civil and industrial settings.

The design and production of each component takes place exclusively in the company, allowing products of undisputed quality and controlled by the CE mark; efficient, silent and reliable in every application.

The Technical Officeremains at your disposal to size the unit by optimizing efficiency, spare parts and air quality, efficiency, filtering energy consumption and functional dimensional dimensions for the installation with maximum flexibility, satisfying your needs.

The use of the best componentson the market (ABB SIEMENS MARELLI motors, NICOTRA fans, COMAP batteries, PROLAM profiles …) and the most reliable, functional and efficient materials guarantee total Quality and Functionality.

  • Structure in extruded profiles in anodized aluminum UNI 9006/1 with safety prevention geometry with rounded corners.
  • Double shell paneling with thermo-acoustic insulation in injected polyurethane foam with high density 45 kg / mc and sealing gaskets.
  • Single-phase or three-phase motors installed in collaboration with the most reliable manufacturers, CE marked with a high degree of protection.
  • Forward blade fans (backwards for particular applications) statically and dynamically balanced on carbon shafts and bearings.
  • Direct transmission or with single or multiple trapezoidal-belts and variable pulleys in steel or aluminum, for an optimal flow / pressure calibration of the fan when installation is completed in the system.
  • Motor-fan base on adjustable belt tensioner slide, with frame and anti-vibration joint.
  • Heat exchange coils made of copper tubes with aluminum fins mechanically expanded and tested at 100 ata
  • Static cross-flow or rotary recuperator in aluminum, with by-pass and free-cooling.
  • Aluminum calibration dampers with opposing movement, conjugated and not.
  • Multi-fold droplet separators with collection tray.
  • Humidification sections in different types with collection tank.
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