Air Treatment

Technical Office Service

Modern production technology, flexibly supported by the Technical Office, allows the creation of systems for the most diversified sectors with all coded “made to measure” components, so that the installation of each system is configured as a simple guided assembly of numbered modular pieces; a work system that in thirty years of experience guides us with strong technical satisfactions.

The synergy between Production and the Construction on Site Assistance of our Technical Office allows each order to be developed only following a careful on site inspection, and subsequent dimensional verification of the aeraulic system. Everything remains organized in order to facilitate the installer with the safety of execution without surprises in functionality, and with the tranquility of a subsequent assembly phase simplified with correctly constructed and numbered pieces in an executive drawing, developed in compliance with the indications design and applicable regulations, avoiding unpleasant inconveniences during construction.

Each component is in fact designed in detail by reducing pressure drops to optimize the aeraulic flow and the functionality he system with consequent reduction of vibrations, noise and management costs.

The remarkable technological flexibility of the company allows to complete each aeraulic supply with the related accessories, a fundamental aspect in order to maintain quality control and total service on the entire order, and to respond to the commitments made with the installer.