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The Service

In a fast and changing economy, besides the characteristics of the product, the service with which it is offered becomes important.

  • Short delivery times through its own transport system, fast and flexible, by you on the same day if requested
  • N ° 3 ready-delivery warehouses, also open on Saturday, complete with everything needed for the rapid installation of a complete flue system, and in accordance with the law, with the possibility of making special pieces quickly.

The staff of the Technical Office collaborates with the customer in the search for the necessary solution by working alongside him on construction site assistance, when necessary.

For each construction of an efficient smoke evacuation system, a preliminary design phase remains necessary, always, regardless of the complexity or not. The design, on the basis of the applicable standards, determines the construction and dimensional characteristics of the flue system,in particular the cross section of the flue, which if not correctly sized can present draft problems (and others as a consequence such as: soot, condensation , smoke returns, poor plant life) with a consequent increase in energy consumption, environmental pollution, and maintenance costs; for correct verification, it is recommended to always contact the CANNA srl Technical Office.

… Ever closer to the customer, a value, since the product itself evolves from the comparison