Metal Chimney

Know how to Produce

Just Choosing the best materials is not enough, in fact corrosion is all the more dangerous the less careful is the design of the ‘how’ to produce the element, the mechanical processing, which, if not performed with the most modern technology and not expertly designed in advance, they can stress the processed material and easily cause corrosions called “under tensile strenght”.
Metal Chimney pressure Class H1

Testimony of the absolute and undisputed quality of the products CANNA srl is the most recent commercial designation in Class H1 (5000 Pa) and a pressure about 25 times higher than that offered by almost all the other manufacturers.

CANNA srl ​​has always developed a particular attention to know how to produce, introducing for example:

  • Production processes studied, in favor of continuous and perfectly waterproof welding, integrated with the minimum spot welding and sealing to the advantage of the overall quality of the product,
  • Microplasma “butt” linear welding without the addition of any material, giving greater resistance to corrosion, since the thermally altered surface in the welding area is lower compared to other methods
  • Atmosphere protected by inert gases to prevent any dust and oxides from being introduced into the weld pool and then to create corrosion holing triggers over time.
  • Forming of the joints with dedicated automatic precision belling machine, which offers a high precision of jointing between modules, superior to other systems, verifiable simply by jointing two pieces, synonymous of a high guarantee of tightness and therefore safety.
  • T90° inlets made with special equipment, designed by CANNA srl TECHNICAL OFFICE, for their extrusion , guaranteeing a total seal unlike other assembly systems by spot welding.