Technical Office

Technical Office

The fulcrum of the company is our CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN TECHNICAL Office, deliberately managed by the same owner, specialized by training and experience in metal flues  and air treatment sector.

  • strong resolving capacity for every request and problem,

  • special pieces for flues and aeraulics

  • technical customer satisfaction as the main objective

  • rigorous attention to efficiency, detail, and also aesthetic

are its peculiar features, and each activity is carried out guided by the UNI standards in force.

As an indispensable aid for the demanding customer, the Technical Office,  provides the sizing of each flue using specific calculation programs that provide an accurate verification of the draft conditions thus identifying the suitable section.

Furthermore, it continuously interfaces with the customer in a profitable exchange of information aimed at the realization of the technical construction features that the product must have to meet the specific need, and in the most demanding situations connected on building site, collaborating with the project manager.

Cross-flow industrial heat recovery unit, design and construction  T.O. CANNA srl
Cross-flow industrial heat recovery unit, design and construction T.O. CANNA srl

The data collected on building site are then processed using the CAD assisted design, starting the production phase of all those special pieces necessary for each order, placing no limit on the resolution capabilities, from simple connection to the thermal power plant, passing through the more complex systems of air ducts.

System Design

CANNA srl engineering for metal chimneys has developed customized Software for the sizing of exhaust evacuation systems in order to support customers in the design according to the UNI10640, UNI 10641, UNI EN 13384-1 and UNI EN 13384-2 standards.
The Software defines and verifies the dimensions of the flue system and determines the smokes’ temperature , for better functioning, reducing emissions and consumption.
The company has foreseen the free use of the program by the Customer’s technical office, for a more efficient collaboration in the definition of the system; contact our Technical Office to receive a trial license.

Each customized product and special piece goes through a precise process:

  • Evaluation of correspondence to customer needs
  • Design and planning in accordance with applicable standards
  • Evaluation of architectural and design needs if necessary
  • Dimensional check and compatibility with production processes
  • Verification of functionality and testing within the relative tests provided if necessary
  • Coding with a relative number shown in the possible assembly layout
  • Executive drawing which is subsequently entrusted to the installer; a meticulous attention to executive detail that anticipates installation problems by solving them in the company.

A safe method, the result of experience that allows a fast and safe, error-proof guided installation, even in the construction of plants abroad, and without the slightest difficulty.

The advice? …… Consult our Technical Office before making any choice.